Florida production bases committed to the reforestation plan of the year

Florida, Feb. 19.- Several entities linked to the Agricultural Company of the municipality of Florida assume fundamental tasks of the Reforestation Plan of 2021, with the obligation to carry them out before October 31 as the deadline of the forest rehabilitation schedule.

The Cooperativa de Producción Agropecuaria (CPA) 26 de Julio, the Credit and Services Cooperative José Antonio Echeverría and the United Basic Cooperative Production (UBPC) Máximo Gómez signed the order to jointly contribute seven hectares of natural regeneration, a mission that only demands of human resources to identify, select and manage direct shoots of new trees in already established plantations.

On the other hand, the UBPC José Martí and José Antonio Echeverría collectives must plant three hectares of forests of interest to defense.

Ensuring compliance with the Reforestation Plan of the year in the municipality of Florida requires responsibility on the part of the productive base and greater business control in the execution of the tasks planned for 2021.

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