We work to make the Life Task for Florida Beach come true (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 22.- The action of the Life Task conceived for the transfer of the families from Playa Florida to the mainland in the face of the danger of rising sea levels, did not have the continuity foreseen during the past year in this municipality, as consequence of non-compliance with the housing plan to respond to this preventive measure against climate change.

During a recent analysis of this matter in the Municipal Administration Council, it was learned that from a plan of 30 homes in the stage, just a new house was built, to the detriment of the state program to guarantee in the shortest possible time greater security to that coastal town.

The reduction of demographic density in coastal areas is one of the actions planned in Cuba in the Life Task to reduce the risks of these populations in the face of climate change, which is urgent in the Playa Florida community where, according to calculations of the last three Five-year periods, the sea moved inland one meter per year on average.

This accelerated rate of sea rise as a consequence of the melting of glaciers due to global warming, requires the construction of the necessary houses in the municipality of Florida to guarantee the transfer of families from the beach before the year 2030, according to scientific forecasts that they propose for that date the disappearance of that coast of the Cuban south.

In order to comply with the priority action of the Life Task in this municipality, as of this calendar, it is necessary to build more than 20 homes per year to guarantee a safer home for the nearly 400 people who still reside on the Florida beach.

Other details related to the subject are provided by the Master Isabel Cristina Márquez Ulloa, a specialist from the Ministry of Sciences, Technology and Environment in the municipality of Florida in the report by journalist Yunier Soler Castellanos.

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