Give continuity to the Life Task: a priority in the municipality of Florida

Florida, Feb 26.- More than 40 actions were planned in Florida to give continuity in 2021 to the implementation of the Life Task in the municipal plan to confront climate change, with emphasis on the need to minimize environmental risks and revive the natural ecosystems.

During the most recent analysis of the subject in the Local Administration Council, it was known about the projection of installing two new water passes on the access road to Playa Florida to complement the results in the management of the natural regeneration of the species and the reforestation of mangrove areas.

As part of the attention required on that coastline in the face of climate variables, it is imperative to reverse the non-compliance of last year in the construction of new homes to guarantee the continuity in the transfer of these families to the mainland of the municipality, before the sea cover this small coastal area, a phenomenon expected for the year 2030, according to studies of sea level rise on the southern Cuban coast.

Another of the priorities of the Life Task in the municipality of Florida for the mitigation of effects and adaptation to climate change, focuses on continuing to encourage in the agricultural sector the introduction of varieties of crops that are more resistant to current environmental conditions.

In the implementation of each objective of the Plan to face climate change in the municipality of Florida, highlights the importance of extending training to producers, administrators and the people in general on the importance of the rational use of natural resources, eliminating polluting sources and preserving the ecosystems.

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