Let us honor the effort Cuba is making in this battle for life.

Florida, Mar 11.- Friends, do you know how much it costs the country to support the Maternal and Child Program in order to guarantee the quality of life of our children, and thereby avoid an increase in mortality that before the triumph of the Revolution exceeded the figure of 60 deaths for every thousand live births?

Even when no pocket of those who have children, or wait for them, suffers it in a violent way, there are billions that the Cuban revolutionary government dedicates to the purpose of guaranteeing the success of the pregnancy, achieving a safe delivery for each mother, seeing them grow a healthy baby and enhance the happiness of the family for the arrival and development of a new member.

Regardless of the economic situation of the nation; regardless of the impact of the imperialist blockade that tightens its siege and seeks by all possible means to put a stop to the projects of Socialism that we defend; … regardless of expenses and resources, Cuba instructs and demands from the family doctor and nurse the early uptake and rigorous surveillance of the pregnancy until its term.

But it also offers dozens of specialized consultations in order to protect the pregnant woman and the fetus, establishes subsidized diets and nutritional supplements for that period, and when the health of the pregnant woman or her future child is in danger, they are welcomed in assistance units free of charge.

If it were not enough, after coming into the world, the new infant is immunized with vaccines that protect it against 11 diseases, it also receives food reinforcements for its nutrition that, like powdered milk, have to be imported at huge prices, and It is assigned a cage module that, although modest, is the same and safe for everyone.

Then come many other guarantees and children’s rights such as education, sports, culture, constant medical care and finally: full right to life … not to mention the rigorous analysis that the death of a child entails, something that I assure you has cost you even the title to health professionals and many sleepless nights to the managers of the sector.

So my people, after this report I ask myself: Why do some irresponsible parents insist on unprotecting minor children, and especially infants, from the scourge of the new coronavirus?

Some do not really value what they have until they lose it, something that should not happen here, but we have to be more grateful, more aware of our opportunities in the face of the reality of the rest of the planet, and more consistent with the efforts of the Government and the Health System in this battle for life.

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