It is urgent to advance in the ordering Task in the agro-productive sphere.

Florida, Mar 12.- Undoubtedly, there is still much to do and explain on the subject related to the implementation of the Ordinance Task in business entities, particularly in those belonging to the agriculture sector and the sugar cane field.

There is still a way to go so that all the workers and managers of both spheres understand and assume the strategic importance of applying the new formula of economic management together with the advantages that it opens, from the efficiency in the processes, the efficient use of available resources, and productivity as a way to obtain higher income.

The monetary and salary reorganization in the agricultural and sugarcane structures demands intelligence from the cadres and to improve the organization of work; apply science and technology with certainty in the sowing of various crops and livestock, eliminate improvisation and act with economic thinking.

It also requires diversifying the lines to be marketed, avoiding the leakage of financial material resources and better guarding the assets of the community, eliminating unnecessary expenses and taking advantage of the working day as it should have been at all times.

It is true that the new always generates expectations, from that reality derives the importance of correctly explaining and applying the indications and basic concepts of the Ordering Task; without predisposing the labor collective against it; Without hiding from those who live attached to the furrow and the dairy a single detail of how much they can benefit, and their pocket, if the provisions of the new work strategy are fulfilled.

There are still places where sugarcane and traditional agriculture have been worked for a long time, and others where almost nothing has been done, with or without the means to do so; They are the same people who for years entrenched themselves in justifications to hide inefficiency, wasted resources, paid salaries without productive support, and lived on inertia and subsidies from the State for their large losses.

To these, more than to others, the Ordinance Task says right now something very similar to what Mariana Grajales, the mother of the Maceo family, told her youngest son at the dawn of the Mambisa war of 68: It is time for you to fight for the independence of your economy and your results!

Advancing in the Ordering Task for the agro-productive sphere is undoubtedly today to provide more food for the people and defend the work of the Revolution with the growth of the plans, substitute imports, generate exportable lines and forge, in short, the wealth that allows them to make a profit and pay salaries well above those established for the budgeted sector.

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