Professionals of Physical Culture and Sports active protagonists of the current battles.

Florida, Mar 17.- During the current phase of limited autochthonous transmission, the professionals of Physical Culture and Sports of the municipality of Florida recess their practices as a preventive measure, and once again become one of the most active support forces for the actions to confront COVID-19 and other tasks.

Every week more than 100 workers from the Sports sector in this territory are mobilized to contribute to the development of daily inquiries to the population and messaging services, designed to bring food and medicine to the home of those assisted who benefit from the services of the Family Attention Systems.

Other brigades of Florida teachers and trainers are set up every weekend also for sanitation and cleaning tasks in various communities of the municipality, where it is imperative to minimize health risks during the current epidemiological contingency.

As in the first stages of confrontation with COVID-19 in Florida, Physical Culture and Sports professionals are one of the most active forces in the municipality to support health prevention actions and other shock tasks also in the local economy.

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