Municipal Housing Program benefits Florida mothers

Florida, Mar 22.- More than 100 mothers from the Florida municipality with three or more children were treated last year in the Municipal Housing Program, to improve their living conditions, in correspondence with one of the priorities of the Demographic Policy National and social assistance in Cuba to stimulate the birth rate.

According to a report from the Municipal Administration Council in this territory during 2020, 111 actions were carried out to benefit families with that social composition, among which the extensions of buildings, eradication of dirt floors, placement of roofs and the construction of new ones stand out. households.

Attention to mothers with three or more children is also expressed in the Florida municipality as a priority in the government program of assistance to socially and economically disadvantaged families, with the provision of mattresses, sheets, clothing and other basic necessities.

According to the most recent report from the Florida administration on the priorities of demographic policy, the Municipal Housing Program is expected to provide differentiated care for another 11 mothers and their children this year, with the construction of new homes that their living conditions will improve.

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