Workers of the Ignacio Agramonte plant seek stability in the refining harvest

Florida, Apr 3.- The Ignacio Agramonte plant in the Florida municipality develops its first harvest days in the production of refining, after the execution of decisive and necessary investments in the repair of its boiler and the improvement of its five centrifuges.

Regarding the development of the current refining contest in the industry, unique in those functions in the Camagüey territory, the difficulties presented by internal factors such as the systematic lack of water stand out, which prevents stabilizing the integral operation of the mill.

Full days without the arrival of the liquid and in others its low pressure, makes it impossible for the managers of the refinery to store the volumes required to comply with the treatment of the water for its delivery to the boilers and ensure the operation of these in the generation of steam. 

After almost 15 days of the start-up after the repair program carried out in the plant, the productive potential of the conditioned areas has not been verified, as a consequence of the continuous interruptions of the water, which are trying to be solved at the moment with the presence of aqueduct specialists. 

Pending a definitive solution to the problem, the workers of the Ignacio Agramonte plant refinery maintain their commitment to deliver the 55 thousand tons of refined sugar requested by the national economy during the present war.

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