Municipal Hospital recognizes support from other entities in the current contingency

Florida, Apr 14.- The board of directors of the Manuel Piti Fajardo general clinical-surgical-teaching hospital of the municipality of Florida thanked the unconditional support of the Communal and Aqueduct and Sewerage units in the battle it develops against the COVID pandemic -19 and to support the rest of the services of attention to the town.

“Every time we present a breakdown in the sanitary networks or failures in the supply of water to the hospital, we immediately have the help of the directors and staff of the Aqueduct and Communal Services to solve the problem,” said María del Carmen Piedra Morales, Chief of Services at the Florida Municipal Hospital.

The administrative official also stressed that in normal times this institution should function like the mechanism of a clock but in the current pandemic situation there cannot be a drop of water missing and therefore they demand systematic accompaniment from the rest of the social, political and social actors governments of the territory.

When offering the information, the head of services of the Florida municipal hospital also asked to multiply an acknowledgment to the group of workers of the Laundry and Clothes department in that health facility, based on the results obtained in the national evaluation on operating standards, protection and security, for the management of COVID-19 and other biological risks in their work space.

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