Call in Florida to increase telecommuting

Florida, May 5.- In its most recent working session, the Florida Municipal Defense Council received updated information on the complex situation that the territory presents due to the increase in people infected with COVID-19 during the last week, with a higher incidence in the José Martí, Ignacio Agramonte and La Vallita Popular Councils.

In the usual presentation by Dr. Nelson Del Sol Serrallonga, head of the Health Subgroup of the aforementioned command body, it was known of the permanence in hospital centers of the provincial capital of 54 Florida patients confirmed with the new coronavirus, 34 of them detected as positive to the disease in the last week, a period in which the active foci increased to 22 due to the presence of the new coronavirus.

At the end of this information, 38 people classified as suspects wait for the result of the PCR test, while the investigations and the quality of the same in communities and work centers are intensified, work that requires the support of the population in the supply of truthful data on your state and health, particularly the presence of respiratory symptoms, fever or general malaise.

Taking into account the current circumstances, the direction of the Defense Council in the Municipality of Florida proposed to identify in the work centers more workers who can perform their functions remotely, a modality of which the administrators of the Florida entities still do not make effective use of which only 12 apply this alternative endorsed in the Labor Code.

Although in the next few hours new actions will be reported to contain the increase in infections by COVID-19 in Florida, the directors of the Defense Council urged to review the measures contained in the current stage of autochthonous transmission and enforce them from each place, to at the same time they reiterated the call to Floridians to be more cautious and disciplined to, together, win this difficult battle against Sars-Cov-2. (Marisol León / Radio Florida)

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