Cuba needs everyone to defeat this pandemic

Florida, May 5.- The confirmation of more than 50 autochthonous infections during the last 15 days and 22 open virus transmission foci in Florida, reflect an incidence of COVID-19 in this municipality that is classified as high risk for the population .

The level of contagion of the virus at present is much higher than in previous stages during a year of confrontation with the pandemic, and not a few debate about the possible presence in this demarcation of one of the new strains or variants of Sars-Cov-2 .

Nor do the specialists of the municipal Health subgroup in Florida rule out this possibility, but even though this theory is still probable, there is no scientific certification in this regard and there are several files for social indiscipline and violations of sanitary measures that show the main causes of the chains of contagions.

Whatever the new strain or variant of the coronavirus is circulating in this municipality, it would not have had so many reproduction options if many Floridians had understood from the first moment that traveling to other territories of the province and the country with a high incidence of the pandemic It is exposing yourself to the danger of contracting the disease and then increasing the probability of transmitting it to your peers.

Even less would be the risks of contagion in this municipality if the correct use of the nasobuco, the constant disinfection of the hands and the respect for physical distancing were generalized and inviolable practices, without depending only on the signaling of the authorities that is needed, it is true, with greater presence in this capital city.

Much must improve social behavior and strengthen family responsibility in this municipality to prevent so many health vulnerabilities that still persist at the community level.

The current high incidence of COVID-19 in Florida requires, along with an extreme epidemiological guard in charge of health personnel, a more energetic and systematic government demand in the face of the indiscipline of a few that put the lives of the women at risk.

Majorities on the lookout for a deadly virus. The responsibility to prevent lies with everyone in each house, neighborhood, work center and public space, to complement the active health surveillance that the Cuban state guarantees through diagnosis and timely medical care for people infected with the dangerous virus.

Cuba Saves lives and knowing it transmits confidence, but let us not delegate individual responsibility to others, because as in so many other citizen welfare objectives, our country needs everyone to defeat this pandemic. (Yunier Soler Castellanos / Radio Florida)

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