Florida is called to increase health surveillance against COVID-19

Florida, May 6.- The current complex epidemiological situation in Florida imposes extreme health surveillance and demands more rigorous compliance with preventive measures against COVID-19 in each workplace, community and public space in this municipality, in order to guarantee the health of the population, in the current Limited outoctone Transmission Phase.

This was specified in the meeting of the Municipal Defense Council, where it was learned that during the past week a total of 34 Floridians were confirmed with the Sars-Cov-2 and that in real time about 500 people are examined and a diagnosis is pending between suspects, contacts and population studies.

According to the report of the Directorate of the Municipal Health Subgroup, an increase in positive cases of COVID-19 is forecast in Florida in the coming days, and in view of the increase in the proportion of the risk of contagion, social and administrative responsibility it is imposed step up with measures to contain the pandemic.

In this sense, the municipal government authorities agreed to reinforce control over movement restriction measures in the capital city starting at seven in the afternoon, prohibiting personnel from traveling to and from rural communities, and acting with greater rigor and severity against them that violate established protocols and put collective health at risk.

Currently, a reinforcement of epidemiological control actions is required with emphasis on the blocks of the January 4 distribution, and the popular councils of La Vallita and Agramonte, although the current existence of 24 sources of transmission of the virus requires greater citizen responsibility in all the territory. (Yunier Soler Castellanos / Radio Florida)

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