Florida defends its history in promoting an agroecological culture

Florida, May 13.- The national leadership of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) came to the municipality of Florida to verify the progress of the implementation of the agreements emanating from the VIII Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, in a particular way regarding the implementation of agroecological practices aimed at guaranteeing food production in the current economic – health situation.

When providing preliminary information on the visit to the territory, Roberto Chacón González, official of the National Committee of the peasant group, highlighted that they seek to declare advanced farms in the use of cultivation methods and techniques in harmony with nature, with emphasis on phytosanitary self-management. , the protection of soils and the elimination of pests and diseases, without the use of chemical substances.

After visiting several prominent places here in the promotion and use of the variants of organic agriculture in the agri-food mission, the visitor highlighted the importance of breaking the dependence of the world market with respect to inputs and other means for the benefit of plantations, taking into account the increase in international prices and the commercial and financial persecution imposed by the US blockade against Cuba.

The municipality of Florida defends its history in the promotion of an agroecological culture planted since ancient times and with new roots today, as evidenced by sites such as the “El Madero” schoolyard, worthy of the Triple Crown of Excellence awarded by Urban, suburban and family agriculture; the Flor Fernández farm, or the multiplying activity of natural scientists of the Ladislao González line. (Pedro Pablo Sáez / Radio Florida)

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