New preventive measures against the increase in COVID-19 infections in Florida

Florida, May 13 – The high contagiousness shown by COVID-19 during the current Limited Autonomous Transmission Phase in the municipality of Florida does not allow for the neglect of social indiscipline and health surveillance, nor does it allow lowering the state requirement on the compliance with preventive measures against the dangerous virus in this municipality.

This was evaluated again at the meeting of the Municipal Defense Council, where it was agreed to recess activities and restrict the movement of people in the Florida city from three in the afternoon, as an extreme measure, but necessary, to stop the current virus outbreak.

The highest authorities of the municipality also emphasized the need to strengthen control over gastronomic services in the town to rigorously enforce the provision at this stage of only making offers to take away or through home deliveries.

In order to reduce the risks of contagion in the midst of the current complex epidemiological situation, the operation of the two access control points along the central highway established in the La Vallita popular council and in the vicinity of the Florida Dairy Products Unit is imposed, to limit unauthorized entry and exit to and from the municipality.

At the close of this May 11, the local health authorities reported on the confirmation of more than EIGHTY infections with COVID-19 during the last 15 days in the Florida territory, which represents a high-risk virus incidence rate for the population . (Yunier Soler Castellanos / Radio Florida)

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