French association asks Biden to stop murderous measures against Cuba

Paris, May 14 – The Cuba Coopération France (CubaCoop) association today urged US President Joe Biden to eliminate the measures adopted by his predecessor, Donald Trump, to intensify the blockade against the island, which he described as murderous .

If the president of the United States really wants to help the Cuban population, he has a good way to do it: put an end to Trump’s murderous measures and end the economic, commercial and financial blockade, he stressed in allusion to the traditional Washington speech that its objective is to support the Cuban people.

In its weekly publication, la lettre électronique Hebdo, the organization created in 1995 to promote collaboration with the island from Gallic soil recalled the 240 hostile actions taken by Trump to suffocate the Caribbean country and the continuity of each of them so far. management of Biden, who arrived at the White House on January 20.

Likewise, he insisted on the worldwide repudiation generated by the US blockade imposed on Cuba for more than 60 years.

Also in France we see the demonstrations of rejection, with events, petitions and a recent letter to President Emmanuel Macron, among other activities, in a battle in which the law has not yet won and we know it will be long, but it is worth fighting it, stressed.

CubaCoop denounced that successive governments of the United States have developed a real economic war against the island, with dramatic consequences, without this being their only instrument to destroy the Revolution.

We also see a true ideological war, from the use of enormous resources destined to destabilize, divide, sow racial hatred and finance individuals in charge of organizing internal aggressions, added the association enrolled in dozens of cooperation projects in the last two decades. in the Caribbean country.

Similarly, he condemned the use of modern means of communication, such as social networks, to spread lies and stimulate internal counterrevolution.

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