Cuban Parliament condemns Israel’s bombings of Palestinian civilians

Havana, May 15.- The International Relations Commission of the National Assembly of People’s Power of the Republic of Cuba strongly condemned the indiscriminate bombing of the State of Israel against the Palestinian population in Gaza.

Through a statement dated Friday, the legislative body demanded the immediate cessation of the acts of violence carried out by the Israeli army against the defenseless Palestinian people and of the expansionist and colonizing policies of the State of Israel.

In the same way, the text denounced the permanent support of the United States government for the actions with which Israel instills terror and death in the civilians of Gaza.

Through the document, the Drafting Commission called on the parliamentarians of the world and the international community to force the state of Israel to immediately stop the aggressions against Palestine.

In this way, the content of the United Nations Charter, International Law and the relevant resolutions of the United Nations Security Council would be respected.

Likewise, he drew attention to the need for a comprehensive, just and lasting solution to the conflict between the two nations so that the Palestinian people can regain their right to self-determination and to have an independent and sovereign State, based on the borders prior to 1967 and with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The bombings that began this week have so far caused the death of at least 122 people, including 31 girls and boys, as well as hundreds of injuries and extensive material damage, the statement said.

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