New isolation centers in Florida to cut the chains of contagion

Florida, May 15 – With an incidence rate of COVID-19 currently higher than 100, the epidemiological situation in the municipality of Florida is still complex and health surveillance must continue to be very high, with greater support and discipline from the citizens, to minimize the risks of contagion during the present Phase of Autochthonous Transmission of the dangerous virus.

This was evaluated by the Municipal Defense Council in its most recent working meeting, where the need to limit the movement of people in the Florida city from three o’clock in the afternoon was ratified and new measures to strengthen sanitary control were required. in a small residential area of ​​the Rolando Valdivia popular council and in the town of Camino Real de la Isla, an area near the Cemetery.

The Directorate of the Municipal Health Subgroup reported at the end of this May 13 that 76 autochthonous infections of COVID-19 have accumulated in the last fortnight and several contacts of confirmed cases are still pending diagnosis, so they continue under reinforced surveillance apples in the towns of January 4, La Vallita and the popular council Agramonte.

During the meeting of this management body, it was pointed out that two new centers are already ready to increase the isolation capacity of the contacts of positive cases to more than 200, as an essential epidemiological control measure to effectively cut the chains of infections. (Yunier Soler Castellanos / Radio Florida)

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