Recruciating of the blockade causes complex energy situation in Cuba, says Marrero Cruz

Havana, May 29.- The Prime Minister of Cuba, Manuel Marrero, ratified this Friday that the country faces a complicated energy situation due in large part to the coercive measures of the United States that restrict the obtaining of fuel.

During the meeting of the National Energy Council, the Head of Government recalled that more than 240 provisions of the previous administration of Donald Trump that intensified the blockade against the largest of the Antilles are still active.

In addition, he referred to the current status of other thermal blocks in the country that will complete maintenance cycles, such as the Antonio Guiteras thermoelectric plant in the western province of Matanzas.

“We have been working with great effort to prepare the rest of the system that is working and that in these four days of paralysis we do not have any effects,” he said.

Marrero urged the population to maintain a saving behavior because although no effects are foreseen, “with the stoppage of the Antonio Guiteras we are left with a minimum reserve above the demand generated by the country.”

According to information from the National Newscast of Cuban Television, at the moment the Cuba-Petroleum Union and the energy system are evaluating resources and strategies to guarantee the operational management of the distributed and emergency generation sites that the nation has.

Recently Cuba lost almost 600 megawatts of power due to the failure of thermoelectric plants, problems aggravated by a deficit in fuel availability.

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