Hurricane season: plan in time to avoid damage

Florida, June 2 – Global warming as a consequence of the disproportionate emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere, generates conditions that are increasingly conducive to the formation of high intensity hurricanes, which increases the danger to the lives of people and property of the economy in the face of strong winds and rainfall associated with these natural phenomena.

As of this June 1 and until November 30, the stage of greatest probability for the formation of hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean area is framed, and according to the specialists of the Cuban Institute of Meteorology an active season is predicted in this 2021, with the possible formation of 16 tropical cyclones and the presence of at least three of them in the Caribbean Sea.

Our insular condition in that geographical area places us each year face to face with these dangerous meteorological phenomena, and this forces us to reduce as much risk as possible in the face of strong winds and floods, in addition to being attentive to information and disciplining compliance with the guidelines of the Civil defense.

The dredging of ditches and channels to avoid the accumulation of water, the pruning of trees that endanger homes or electrical and telephone lines, and the reinforcement of the roofs of houses and establishments against strong winds, are important measures at all times. of the year in a nation located in the tropical region, but in the midst of a cyclonic season they are essential to protect human life and the assets of the economy, always remembering that, as José Martí affirmed, “in anticipation there is all the art of saving”.

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