More rigorous measures are approved in Florida to cut transmission of COVID-19 (+ Audio)

June 2021.- The total closure of the access and exit points of the municipality to limit the movement of people to other territories of the province and the country, tops the list of measures to be reinforced in Florida to stop the current outbreak of COVID- 19 and reduce the risk of contagion with the dangerous disease, for the good of collective health.

This was stated on Tuesday by the direction of the Temporary Group of the Municipal Government with the Florida administrations in a working meeting, where it was agreed, starting this Wednesday and for 15 days, to establish the hours for commercial and service activities until two o’clock the afternoon, and from that time onwards limit the mobility of people throughout the city.

Public transport of cars, pedicabs and all types of vehicular movement is suspended after two pm, and entry and exit to rural communities is also prohibited, so for emergency transfers authorization must be requested from the Temporary Group of Government with the corresponding endorsement of the Health and Transportation Subgroups.

In this period of special confinement, the suspension of external medical consultations and family visits to patients admitted to Hospital Centers is ratified, although the bus service that transports those cases whose treatment is urgent and urgent to the provincial capital will be maintained.

Given the current high risk of contagion in this Florida municipality from the increase in the number of sources of transmission of COVID-19, Florida health authorities insist on guiding families to leave home as little as possible and restrict minors old all mobility in the street.

In addition to the discipline of the population that is essential for the effectiveness of the approved preventive plan, the government authorities stressed the administrative responsibility of each worker and official to act rigorously to reinforce sanitary surveillance and epidemiological control in this territory, that these days shows one of the highest incidence rates of the Pandemic in the province of Camaguey.

The details in the following report by Yunier Soler Castellanos about the service provided in the stores that sell in MLC.

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