Abdala immunizes Florida Red Cross volunteers (+ Photos)

Florida, June 17.- The Main Group of Operations and Relief of the Red Cross in the municipality of Florida reinforces its security in the midst of the current health contingency, with the administration of the vaccine candidate Abdala to 10 of its members to maintain the vitality of their support for Public Health personnel in the territory.

This is how the leader of this group and representative of the Red Cross in the territory, Yoelvis Cardoso Sánchez, values, together with his companions, the additional protection that having the three doses of the effective Cuban immunologist in his body already constitutes to continue saving lives against to COVID-19.

The immunization of the members of this Operations and Relief Group in this municipality responds to the priority of protecting with the vaccine candidate at first the personnel facing the pandemic in the fulfillment of surveillance, health care and epidemiological control missions to safeguard people’s lives.

During the entire phase of confronting the pandemic in Florida, Red Cross volunteers support Public Health personnel in tasks such as reinforcing surveillance in residential areas with sources of virus transmission, assistance related to vitality of the isolation centers and other missions for the protection of the people under the threat of the lethal disease.


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