Manzanillo Community hosted the provincial edition of the We Are Continuity Community Work Program (+ Photos)

Florida, Jun 20.- The residents of the rural community of Manzanillo, in the municipality of Florida, welcomed this Saturday the activities of the provincial edition of the Community Work Program We Are Continuity, a space to evaluate the behavior of the main public services and recognize those who contribute the most based on the collective good.

With the presence of Ariel Santana Santiesteban, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the province of Camagüey, in the district 47 of the Conquista popular council, the customary exchange between the people and the government was developed, where the actions to improve the main road of access to the town, the delivery of roof tiles for houses, the reestablishment of a public lighting service and the repair of the warehouse.

As in each meeting of this type, pending solutions were evaluated, related to the needs of more elements of roofs for other houses in poor condition, together with the request for mattresses to improve the living conditions of socially and economically disadvantaged families.

Given the current economic contingency in the country and the lack of resources that this causes, the highest political authority in the province of Camagüey referred to the priority of seeking alternative solutions with resources and initiatives of the territory in order not to stop addressing these problems of the population.

In the same way, Santana Santiesteban valued the role of the farmers of the Alberto Becerra credit and services cooperative, in Florida’s 47th district, who to date overcompliance with the delivery of milk, have the potential to reach their commitments in the contributions of beef and take steps in the sowing of various crops, essential productive indicators for the improvement of the economy in that rural community.

As part of the We Are Continuity Community Work Program, the residents and managers who most contribute to the organization, cleaning and beautification of the rural town were recognized, either from their activism through political and mass organizations, or administrative responsibility paid with social commitment.

Also related to the attention to the population that is promoted in the Community Work Program, the 70 family nuclei of the Manzanillo community in the municipality of Florida were offered various food products, among which the sale of four pounds of meat from cattle per dwelling, based on legal cattle sacrifices carried out by peasants from the rural area itself.

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