Aqueduct and sewerage unit also suffers the impact of economic block

Florida, Jun 23.- The criminal recrudescence of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States towards Cuba greatly affects the aqueduct and sewerage sector of the municipality of Florida, such as corrobora Dunia Hernández Pimienta, director of that entity in the territory .

Hernández Pimienta reported that the deficit of protection means, the lack of tires, batteries, parts and accessories, as well as the hoses for high pressure cars constitute the main deficiencies in that sector, increased by the criminal blockade current by more than 60 years.

In dialogue with the press, the Directive affirmed that fuel involvement also leads to the backwardness of the execution of planned works in the municipality, a situation that directly harms the population that should wait long for the solution of their problems.

Finally, the Director of the Entity assured that the workers of the Aqueduct and Sewerage Unit of the Municipality of Florida are superimposed on the blockade of the United States with innovative solutions that allow such as suffocating and inhuman situation.

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