Solidarity as a flag among Florida ranchers

Florida, Jun 24.- With the delivery of a donation of hundreds of kilograms of beef to the Manuel Piti Fajardo Hospital, several members of the Rolando Valdivia credit and services cooperative of the municipality of Florida joined here to enjoy the provisions of Decree Law 139 of the Cuban Government that authorizes the slaughter, consumption and commercialization of cattle to agricultural producers.

Led by the prominent breeder Yarel León Hernández, the farmers of the aforementioned entity were satisfied to be able to contribute in the first place and directly, with the fruit of their effort, to the feeding of mothers and patients admitted to the main institution of health of the territory, and thanked the Revolution for this and other signs of confidence and benefits in the current situation.

Both the farmers of the Rolando Valdivia cooperative and the rest of the Florida cowboys authorized for the slaughter of cattle arrived at that moment after complying in 2020 with all the productive indicators and attention to the mass provided in the norm, including the success of the milk and meat collection plans, the growth of the herd and of the females in particular, the regular attendance at the Livestock Registry and the reduction of the shortages, among others.

After such verification, the approval of the municipal Agrarian Affairs Commission and the signature of the local Agriculture Delegate are required, in a process that to date flows expeditiously without major setbacks.

The authorization for the slaughter, consumption and commercialization of beef cattle constitutes a prize for the efficiency and consecration of the cowboys, and is based, without a doubt, in various guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution approved in the VI and VII congresses of the maximum Cuban communist organization.

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