Las Parras popular council evaluates strategy to combat COVID-19

Florida, Jun 28.- The most recent working session of the Temporary Group for the prevention and confrontation of COVID-19 in the Las Parras Popular Council of the municipality of Florida included in its analysis agenda fundamental issues to guarantee the quality of life of the totality of the inhabitants of the rural demarcation.

Among those with the greatest urgency, impact and debate, the new strategy to combat the pandemic stood out, based on the increase in positive cases in the municipal seat, the production and distribution of food in the locality, together with the management and quality of the services to the people and preparations for the health intervention with the vaccine candidate Abdala.

With the presence of Evelyn Márquez Álvarez, vice president of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power, the political-administrative convocation brought together the leaders and community factors of the seven population settlements of the Popular Council to warn, first of all, about the importance of demanding there the compliance with prevention and control measures against the new coronavirus.

In response to the call, the delegates and other actors from the constituencies requested a greater presence of the police or inspection agencies with the aim of penalizing people resistant to the collective demand for extreme individual responsibility in the face of the virulence of COVID-19 .

During the exchange of the Temporary Group for the prevention, confrontation and control of the pandemic in the Las Parras popular council, the situation of the milk collection and the progress in the planting of sugarcane and various crops to guarantee both the harvest and the increase of the per capita of agricultural lines in the area, aspects that demand constant supervision in the units of the agro-sugar system located in that Florida region.

The problems that affect the quality of bread, the distribution and the supply of water in the different communities and the obligation to look for alternatives of sale in rural gastronomy rounded off the meeting attended by leaders and representatives of the towns of Las Margaritas, Ortigal, Las Tusas, San Diego, Caonao Dam, July 26 and Las Parras.

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