Florida Producers Call to Increase Sugarcane Planting

Florida, July 2 – Most of the sugarcane production entities belonging to the agro-sugar system of central Argentina in the municipality of Florida demand to increase the sowing and availability of the grass on their farms, if they intend to survive and respond to the demands of the sector in the current economic situation of the country.

Under this concept, the groups of the Basic Units of Cooperative Production (UBPC) Los Burros and El Oronte began their spring plantations, with more than 250 hectares of land planned to be covered with cane in each case before the end of the current year.

With four active brigades, the Los Burros workers accumulate some 30 hectares planted to date, while EL Oronte, with five brigades, almost completed the 90 hectares with the seed inserted in the furrows.

In accordance with the opinion of their main managers, both UBPC defend the health of the plantings based on the good selection and placement of the seed, the effectiveness of the covering and the use of the benefits of the climate, among other provisions.

In the same way, the sugarcane growers at the base demanded that the Business Unit for Attention to Producers of central Argentina improve the quality of the service of preparation and readiness of the land for planting, on which the percentage of germination also depends, to a large extent. of the cane, the strength of the vine and the decrease of the weeding in the initial stage of growth of the plantations.

Guaranteeing the raw material that the future harvests will demand in the municipality of Florida, diversifying the obtaining of other food crops, taking advantage of resources efficiently and improving the attention to workers, constitute unavoidable tasks of the agro-sugar producers of the territory in times of economic and business order.

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