The commitment of Public Health personnel demands greater citizen discipline

Florida, July 7 – With more than 380 autochthonous infections confirmed in the last 15 days, the municipality of Florida is currently experiencing the most complex epidemiological situation since the arrival of COVID-19 in this territory at the end of March of last year.

The number of Floridians infected with the virus in the last fortnight until the end of July 5, even exceeds the total number of cases reported throughout June, the month with the highest incidence rate of SARS-CoV-2 in this territory throughout the stage of confrontation with the pandemic.

A recent report from the municipal directorate of Public Health in Florida also reveals that a total of 86 sources of transmission of the virus at the community level are open in this demarcation, with confirmed cases during the last fortnight in the 11 popular councils of the territory.

The largest number of events and number of infested are located in the popular councils of the Florida municipal head, but in the last two weeks infections have been reported in the five rural popular councils, with the highest incidences in the localities Rodolfo Ramírez Esquivel (La Tomatera ) with a cluster of 14 cases and La Vallita with new outbreaks and already 19 positive diagnoses of COVID-19.

In the next few days, the number of confirmed COVID-19 may grow in Florida and the epidemiological situation will become even more complex, if one takes into account that at the end of this July 3, some 700 classified people were still pending a diagnosis of CRP. as contacts, to which is added the high daily average of people detected in the current stage with suspicious symptoms.

Such a complex health panorama in this territory demands extreme rigor from Public Health personnel in each procedure due to the need to increase epidemiological surveillance, ensure timely diagnosis of the disease and maintain the vitality of hospital services in the face of the current growing demand. , which includes the professional challenge of treating confirmed COVID-19 patients even here.

To reduce the risks of contagion and preserve human lives in the face of the current high incidence of COVID-19, also in the municipality of Florida, the commitment of health professionals needs the support of greater citizen discipline in compliance with the measures preventive measures, especially using the means of protection correctly, staying at home as much as possible, declaring the existence of symptoms in the body in time and seeking immediate medical attention for any suspicious discomfort.

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