Strengthen health surveillance and preventive measures to preserve life

Florida, July 23 – New strains and genetic variants increase the severity of COVID-19 in the municipality of Florida, where more than 600 autochthonous infections of the virus are confirmed in the last 15 days, a disproportionate epidemiological incidence that also causes in this territory an increase in fatalities from the disease.

According to a report from the municipal directorate of Public Health, unfortunately, there are 29 Floridians who died due to SARS-CoV-2, since the arrival of the pandemic in the country last year and to date, a period of 17 months in which more than 1400 infections with the dangerous virus accumulate here.

According to the information until July 19 in Florida, a total of eight patients are in serious condition, among the more than 200 positive for COVID-19 admitted to isolation centers and hospitals in the municipal town itself.

The progress in these days of the Cuban vaccination program with Abdala is also shown in this territory as a saving light in the face of the current severity of the pandemic, but it is still necessary to reach the desired collective immunity and in that way vigilance must remain high. health and reinforce discipline in compliance with preventive measures to protect life.

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