In Florida, second round of vaccination against COVID-19 for those over 19 years of age (+ Video)

Florida, Jul 28.- The health intervention with the Cuban vaccine Abdala advances in Florida during this week in which the 2nd dose of the Cuban immunogen is administered to the adult population of the municipality, as part of the National Program for Mass Immunization against discharge current incidence of SARS-CoV-2.

According to the specialists of the municipal sector of Public Health at the same time as the application of the second dose during the current week, in all the sites enabled in this territory the call remains open until this Friday for those Floridians who have not yet received the first doses of the vaccination schedule and decide to access the effective anti-Covid-19 formula.

At the end of this July 26, more than 43 thousand Floridians were reported with at least one dose of Abdala and after this initial day of the second round, more than 7,000 people over 19 years of age accumulate two in their bodies, as part of the program of vaccination underway in this municipality, where there is also a high community transmission of the new coronavirus.

In this sense, the health authorities emphasize the importance of not hesitating in compliance with preventive measures, even though some have already received up to two doses of the Cuban immunogen, since the first Cuban and Latin American vaccine against COVID-19 shows its greatest efficacy against the dangerous virus up to 14 days after completing the vaccination schedule with the three planned doses.

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