Florida government authorities will extend mobility and service hours

Florida, Aug 3.- The Florida Municipal Government Temporary Group approves the reopening of some commercial areas, as well as the extension from this Monday of the hours of gastronomic services until four in the afternoon and the limitation of the movement of people in the The city is now established after five past meridian, to enhance the supply of food and provide the population with access to these and other goods.

According to the report of the Municipal Directorate of Labor and Social Security, the reopening of the common areas located on the Boulevard is approved, complying with the self-employed workers with the hygienic-sanitary regulations in the face of the incidence of COVID-19.

Other activities authorized for reopening under strict compliance with established sanitary measures are the leasing of rooms and spaces; bar and recreation services, only for the sale of food and always with an offer to go, and in the case of those who carry out Contracts of 15, weddings and others, are authorized only with the presence of the closest relatives.

In relation to gastronomic services, the State Directorate of Commerce in the territory clarifies that its hours are now extended until four pm but with the current regulation of only take-away food offers.

In a particular way, the case of Pizzerias was evaluated, with emphasis on the responsibility of owners and managers to avoid crowds of people in queues and also to strictly comply with the hygienic measures required to prevent contagion with SARS-CoV- 2 in each space or establishment.

Other measures, such as the suspension of local, inter-community and inter-municipal transport, remain in force, only with exceptional authorizations for transfers for medical shifts and family emergency situations.

The administrative responsibility to demand and systematically control compliance with these new provisions is then ratified, and the call to the public to comply with the guidelines of the Public Health professionals in each community with greater discipline and to reinforce the sanitary protection measures. given the current high incidence of COVID-19 in this municipality.

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