Florida workers working on street lighting improvement

Florida, Aug 3 – The group of the Basic Electricity Unit (OBE) of Florida is currently working on improving lighting in some residential areas of the municipality where public lighting was out of service, with the installation of 10 energy saving light bulbs eight watts to replace each faulty lamp.

According to the Engineer Guillermo Peláez Iglesias, Chief of Operations of the Florida electric entity, to date 25 installations have already been made with this alternative technological measure in response to the population’s proposals about the need to have some lighting option in those spaces where the streetlight bulb no longer worked.

The specialists of the local Basic Electrical Unit themselves recognize that outdoors the lighting provided by this energy compound of 10 energy saving bulbs is minimal, but it is the only resource available today to try to improve lighting in those community spaces where darkness reigned.

The national energy sector also suffers the consequences of the current global economic contingency and is among those most affected by the intensification of the US economic blockade against Cuba, which limits access to raw materials and electrical devices for the maintenance of different types of services to the population.

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