At a good pace, the health intervention process in Florida

Florida, Aug 7 – The massive health intervention with the Cuban vaccine Abdala is progressing favorably and without serious adverse reactions in the municipality of Florida, where more than 43,700 people over 19 years of age are expected to be immunized at this stage with the effective anticovid-19 formula.

According to a report from the municipal directorate of Public Health at the close of August 5, nearly 41,000 Floridians received the first two doses of the Cuban immunogen, a figure that represents 93 percent of the population to be vaccinated in this area where the incidence of COVID-19 is numerous today.

Given the complex epidemiological situation and the priority of protecting the entire possible adult population against this dangerous disease, also in this territory dialytic patients already accumulate two doses of Abdala in their body, and in the same way a week ago the administration of the Cuban vaccine in pregnant and lactating mothers.

Starting next Monday, August 9, the municipality of Florida will begin to supply the third dose that completes the scheme of the effective Cuban vaccine, with the aim of immunizing the largest number of the population in the shortest time possible and advancing in the search of the long-awaited herd immunity against the new coronavirus.

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