Given the epidemiological situation in Florida: greater citizen discipline and rigor of the investigation

Florida, Aug 9.- The epidemiological situation continues with a high degree of complexity in Florida at the end of August 6, a day in which 123 new autochthonous infections of COVID-19 and two other fatalities due to the pandemic.

During the last 15 days in Florida, a total of 1 340 new positive cases for SARS-CoV-2 were diagnosed and 12 people have died due to the pandemic, which reaffirms the severity of the virus in the current stage .

Since the arrival of the pandemic to the country last year to date, in the municipality of Florida, a total of 48 people have already been certified by coronavirus among more than 3,000 confirmed positive diagnoses until the end of Friday, August 6 in this territory.

Representatives of the municipal directorate of Public Health reported that the fatality rate for COVID-19 in Florida is 1.56; a figure that exceeds the national average, which confirms the current severity of the virus in this territory and in the face of this danger reaffirms the need to increase citizen discipline for better compliance with preventive measures and cut the chain of infections, as well as extreme rigor in health care to continue saving lives.

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