Acuiflor workers comply with health protocols to avoid contracting COVID-19

Florida, Aug 12.- The workers of the Aquaculture Fishing Establishment of the Florida municipality maintain an extensive sanitary hygiene program within all their areas, for the protection of the men and women who work in the facility.

The morning sessions to publicize the symptoms of the coronavirus and how to detect it, verify if workers comply with hand washing and the application of five percent chlorinated water, are some of the actions carried out there.

For greater control of the members of the entity’s workforce, the factory managers take the temperature of their workers every day to detect symptoms of colds or fever, and those affected are sent to their respective homes or medical centers.

The workers of the Fish Fish of the Florida municipality comply with the sanitary protocol within the facility, in order to avoid an outbreak of COVID-19 and guarantee the production of food to the Floridian population.

To date, no difficulties have been reported in complying with the guidelines set forth in order to ensure the health of workers in the center, with indicators of effects similar to those reported in previous stages in the group.

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