Temporary Group of the Provincial Government evaluates the epidemiological situation of the municipality of Florida

Florida, Aug 13.- The top management of the Temporary Group of the Government in the province of Camagüey evaluated this Thursday the complex epidemiological situation and the plan to deal with COVID-19 in Florida, with emphasis on the need to reinforce multisectoral work in prevention and extreme rigor in health care in this municipality, which reports the highest incidence rate of the virus in the entire territory of Agramontino.

During the meeting with the members of the Temporary Government Group in Florida led by Ariel Santana Santiesteban, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the province, and Yoseyli Góngora, Governor of Camagüey, multiple vulnerabilities that persist within the health surveillance systems were pointed out. , medical care and epidemiological control at the community level in this territory, to the detriment of the preventive plan to face the higher levels of contagiousness and lethality of SARS-CoV-2 at this stage.

In the municipality of Florida, the circulation of means of transport and the mobility of people cannot be reduced to the minimum necessary levels after one in the afternoon; In addition, the demand for compliance with protection measures and physical distancing in queues and other public settings should be increased.

On the other hand, it transcends as a great weakness the fact that about 40 percent of Public Health workers in Florida are inactive, among mothers who availed themselves of the Cuban salary protection law to care for their young children in times pandemic, and others benefited by certificates for various diseases.

With regard to health surveillance and medical care, it also emphasizes the need to reinforce the work of the basic team of the Family Doctor and Nurse to increase epidemiological control and improve the clinical follow-up of positive patients with home admission and their contacts in community.

Similarly, the provincial directorate of Public Health points out that the processes of clinical diagnosis, admission and subsequent discharge of patients should be streamlined and improved in guard corps and hospitals, to optimize the use of hospitalization capacities and be able to attend in the time required to all those in need.

From the preventive point of view against COVID-19, Florida again emphasizes the responsibility of administrators, leaders of political and mass organizations, and community work groups, in order to achieve compliance more effectively of all the necessary missions in the field to reduce the risks of contagion and to attend in a timely manner to those who contract the dangerous disease.

At the end of this August 11, in the municipality of Florida, 58 new autochthonous infections of COVID-19 are confirmed, although according to the government authorities of the province, the figure does not reflect the complex health situation that the territory presents, since a delay in the processing of some 400 PCR samples from suspected cases and positive contacts.

Such a complex epidemiological situation reaffirms the need to reinforce citizen discipline, health surveillance and administrative requirements in this municipality, with social behavior and professional responsibility corresponding to this stage in which collective health and social well-being are at risk.

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