Florida carriers support colossal battle against COVID-19 in Florida

Florida, Sep 10.- Several self-employed workers from the Florida municipality made their means of transportation available to the Local Public Health system to confront Covid-19 in the town.

The altruism of the owners of five machines and a truck contribute to the realization of the health intervention process in the territory, a work that is appreciated by the health sector personnel and the residents who benefit from their willingness to help.

This group of self-employed workers is also joined by five drivers from the Florida Basic Transportation Unit, who together with workers from the Public Health sector work in the colossal battle that is being waged in this municipality against this lethal pandemic.

The attitude of private and state workers in the transportation sector demonstrates their willingness to respond to the call of Cuban President Miguel Díaz Canel Bermúdez, and together with their professional commitment and private cars, they put Cuba’s heart in the fight for life.

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