Recognition process begins for groups and Public Health workers in Florida (+ Post)

Florida, Sep 15.- With the meeting of the group of workers of the Leopoldo Rey Sampayo pediatric hospital of the Florida municipality, the union process of exchange with Public Health personnel began this Tuesday, September 14 to dignify and recognize the performance of the sector in the confrontation with COVID-19.

During the event, headed by the leadership of the Communist Party and the Health Union in the territory, the Labor Achievement Medal was awarded to three medical professionals at that institution, considered among the pioneers of the battle against the new coronavirus.

The recognition was received there with pride by the Graduates in Nursing Noelvis Molina Dubuque, member of the Henry Reeve Contingent of internationalist doctors, and Rosa María Díaz Samora, head of the Guard Corps of the pediatric hospital, together with Dr. Ernesto Ruiz Farnot.

The occasion was also used to award the «Seal of Merit to humanism, sensitivity and solidarity in the fight against COVID-19» to Dr. Yasleni Morales Rodríguez and Mr. Arniel Arencibia Rodríguez, workers of the entity who are outstanding in the defense of the quality of life of the people and especially of infants in the current situation, recognition accredited by the Ministry and the National Union of Public Health, in addition to weighing with the delivery of diplomas the work of a large group of workers of the entity.

The union activity developed in the Leopoldo Rey Sampayo pediatric hospital was also presented as the appropriate space for the center’s administration to learn about concerns, proposals and criteria related to the daily actions of its group and to explain the prevention measures oriented and assumed in seeks to improve working and care conditions, in order to multiply the quality of care for patients and families.

According to information provided by Yaneysy Ramos Alcántara, general secretary of the Union of Health Workers in Florida, the process of exchange and recognition of sector personnel for the effort made in the crusade against the COVID-19 pandemic will arrive to the rest of the local health institutions, including the Manuel Piti Fajardo Hospital, the two polyclinics, the Adult Stomatological Clinic, the municipal Sector and the Medical Emergency System.

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