Media war against Cuba was analyzed in the United Kingdom

London, September 16.- Academics, journalists and activists from various countries addressed on social networks the media war unleashed against Cuba on the eve of a virtual meeting sponsored by the British organization Rock Around the Blockade.

Glasgow University professor Helen Yaffe, who was in Havana when the July 11 riots, assured that these actions were not spontaneous, as the enemies of the Cuban Revolution would have us believe.

It is a clearly orchestrated campaign, and financed with millions of dollars approved by the United States Congress, said the author of several books on the Caribbean island.

Yaffe also highlighted the response of the Cuban government and President Miguel Díaz-Canel, who first recognized the existence of inequalities and problems aggravated by the US blockade and the COVID-19 pandemic, and now visits the most vulnerable neighborhoods to listen to the population.

The American journalist Max Blumenthal, from the independent publication The Grayzone, referred, for his part, to the deliberate attempt by some foreign organizations to influence Cuban youth, especially those from marginal sectors, through musical genres such as hip hop. hop and rap.

According to Blumenthal, that strategy includes sending intelligence contractors with experience in other countries to Cuba to act as publicists for rappers and amplify their response messages.

Reed Lindsay from Belly of the Beast explained to the hundreds of participants from different parts of the world who connected to the online meeting some of the most recent impacts of the intensification of the US blockade, mentioning, in particular, the difficulties they face. the Cuban biotechnology sector to produce COVID-19 vaccines.

The analyst also expressed that he is not very optimistic about the possibility that the president of the United States, Joe Biden, the former president, will try to alleviate the suffering of the Cuban people, despite his promises that he would reverse the sanctions imposed. by former President Donald Trump (2017-2021).

From Cuba, the journalist Cristina Escobar pointed out the use that the United States government makes of taxpayers’ money to finance media campaigns and the so-called independent press, with the aim of promoting regime change on the island.

The events of July 11 were a combination of this manipulation on social networks, Escobar said, alluding to the fact that many of the events were taken out of context or proportion to give an image of chaos.

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