They work at Termoeléctrica Guiteras to synchronize it in the shortest possible time

Matanzas, Sep 16.- The Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Power Plant (CTE), the largest and most efficient unit block in Cuba, will synchronize the national electrical energy system (SEN) in the shortest time possible, according to Misbel Palmero Aguilar, general director of the plant .

Palmero Aguilar explained to the Cuban News Agency that, after a scheduled shutdown starting at dawn this Wednesday, the CTE is in the process of cooling down, which will take about 36 hours and, subsequently, the effects on operation in the boiler area.

The estimated time for the return to the SEN will be defined after the review, but experience indicates that it would be at least 72 hours, said the engineer, who summarized that a total of 134 actions will be carried out during the stop to return power to the unit. 260 megawatts (MW).

Leonardo La O Quiala, director of the Base Business Unit of the Electric Power Plant Maintenance Company (EMCE-Matanzas), specified that in addition to the boiler, they will work on elements such as the nurse, the condenser and the regenerative air heaters.

We have a workforce, reinforced with about 160 professionals from other provinces, and material resources to work uninterruptedly, in two shifts, starting this Thursday, he said.

Adalberto Navarro Prado, head of the boiler area with 26 years of experience in the sector, said that historically the workers under his command stand out for putting their hearts into each task, and delivering the so-called «extra» in the situations that most demand .

The CTE Guiteras, with 31 years of existence, began to transfer power from last August 30, from 270 to 220 MW, and then from 220 to 175 from the previous Thursday.

Inaugurated by Fidel Castro, leader of the Cuban Revolution, the plant charges a higher value because it is located in the western part of the island, where the highest electrical loads are concentrated and where the national crude is consumed by pipeline, without the need for transportation expenses.

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