More than 6,000 Florida infants vaccinated with Soberana 02

Florida, Sep 21.- Some 6,800 children were immunized this Saturday and Sunday in Florida as part of the vaccination campaign with Sovereign 02 that is being developed in the country to protect the pediatric population from COVID-19.

As reported by directors of the Education sector in the municipality, in these days children under two years of age were vaccinated until those who are in the 5th grade with the first dose of the drug that has an application schedule of zero, 28 and 56 days.

The premises that occupy the old and new North Polyclinic, the Manuel Fajardo and José Martí schools, the Adult Dental Clinic, as well as the Art Gallery, the Semillitas del Futuro and Mártires de Florida children’s centers, as well as the South Polyclinic and the Palacio Pioneers, were the vaccinations enabled for this process in the urban area of ​​the town.

In the communities of Las Parras, La Vallita, Vista Alegre, Rodolfo Ramírez Esquivel, and San Antonio, infants from the rural area of ​​the territory were vaccinated, and, as is customary since the beginning of this campaign, transportation was guaranteed.

Soberana 02 benefits Florida children between the ages of two and even those in the 5th grade, a process characterized by discipline and organization and evidenced the interest of the Cuban state in guaranteeing the well-being of infants in the face of the complex epidemiological situation that they are experiencing. the country.

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