Florida educators do not neglect the promotion of arable areas

Florida, Sep 23.- Despite the current epidemiological situation in the country, Floridian educators do not neglect the promotion of existing arable areas in school institutions, with the intention of guaranteeing self-sufficiency in the dining rooms once the teaching process in person.

At this stage, the productions of the orchards and farms are also destined to the isolation centers located in educational institutions and among the foods provided are bananas, squash, as well as vegetables and condiments.

The Sabino Pupo Milián polytechnic, the José Luis Tassende special school, the Antonio Maceo high school and the Tania La Guerrillera and Leonor Pérez elementary schools, among others, stand out for the work carried out in this pandemic stage in the food sovereignty program in the sector of educational.

Without neglecting sanitary measures in Florida schools, work is being done on food production, a priority task based on the country’s complex economic situation and through which food is contributed to the local isolation centers.

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