Vaccination program for those allergic to Thimerosal began in Florida

Florida, Sep 24.- People over 19 years of age allergic to thiomerosal in the municipality of Florida have already been immunized against COVID-19 since this September 22, date that a new vaccination program that combines two doses began in the territory of the China Sinopharm vaccine and one of the Cuban Soberana Plus immunogen.

The health intervention for the allergic adult population is developed in the North Polyclinic of the town, where more than 300 Floridians are expected to be immunized in a period of about 42 days, according to this combined vaccine scheme in which the application is conceived. of doses every 21 days.

According to Dr. Bárbara Díaz Agüero, deputy director of Medical Assistance at the North Florida polyclinic, the new vaccination process is developed under the same biosafety protocol as the previous ones, and points out that convalescents of COVID are also excluded at this stage. 19 and those with some decompensated chronic disease.

Through the address of this Florida Polyclinic it was learned that in the case of health workers allergic to thiomerosal in the municipality, they plan to get vaccinated at the headquarters of the South Polyclinic.

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