The Influenza Vaccination Campaign is developed in Florida (+ Post)

Florida, Oct 15 – In the municipality of Florida, the Influenza Vaccination Campaign is being developed with the administration of the first dose to children from six months to one year, 11 months and 29 days old, with the purpose of preventing serious complications associated with the flu.

As reported by the Master in Infectious Diseases Reinaldo Morín Báez, the process will have a scheme of two doses with an interval of four weeks between the first and the second, for which the vaccines are distributed in the two Health areas of the territory.

The specialist also reported that those convalescent children of COVID-19 included in this age will not receive the vaccine until one month after discharge, and in the same way, children who suffered from an acute illness will not be immunized until after 15 days.

The influenza vaccination campaign in the pediatric population from six months to one year, 11 months and 29 days old, will run until December 11 and will also benefit the adult population aged 85 and over and those institutionalized in nursing homes , grandparents’ homes and psychopedagogical centers, as well as pregnant women, regardless of the trimester of pregnancy and maternal age.

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