Successful consultation process of the Balance Report of the Communist Party in Florida

Florida, Oct 16.- With the completion of seven new consultations on the report to be presented at the forthcoming balance meeting of the Communist Party in the municipality of Florida, this important step is about to be concluded here, through which hundreds of general secretaries of the Base groups and numerous labor groups in the territory learned about and analyzed the main issues included in the summary of the partisan work carried out in the last five years.

The highest representatives of the communist militancy in the popular councils Agramonte, Conquista, San Antonio and Rodolfo Ramírez Esquivel, together with those of Rolando Valdivia, Ibarra and Centro Urbano had the opportunity to analyze each of the issues in the balance report, provide criteria and dialogue with the members of the Municipal Bureau of the Party on current concerns and alerts related to the defense of the homeland, citizen tranquility and social development.

The exchange with the masses and with all the base leaders, prior to the holding of the most important meeting of the local communists here, is in line with the provisions of Article 5 of the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, where It is stated that the Communist Party is the superior leading force of society and the State and the organized vanguard of the nation, always supported by its democratic character and close ties with the people.

The towns of Las Parras and La Vallita are the setting chosen to carry out the last day of the dialogue between the top leadership of the Communist Party in Florida and their peers at the base referred to the Central Report of the Municipal Balance Assembly, announced for the next 6 November, everyone is aware that the unity and leadership of the Party constitute pillars and guarantees of continuity for the political, economic and social order of the country.

The general secretary of the Communist Party in this municipality, José Antonio Ballate González, described as successful the exchange process on the main document to be debated in the upcoming Balance Sheet assembly of the organization in this Camagüey town.

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