Florida electronic music group nominated for Cuerda Viva awards (+ Video)

Florida, Oct 18.- Okuba, a Florida electronic music and fusion group, is nominated for the Cuerda Viva awards, a television program that promotes and rewards the country’s young talent every year.

Tumba is the title of the contestant work of the Floridian artistic unit that emerged in 2015 that currently feeds on the talent of the young creators of the group grouped in the Hermanos Saiz Association (AHS), who bring freshness and new musical nuances .

Directed by William Pérez, since its inception Okuba is part of the musical preference of the young consumer of this type of music where various genres converge; They recently recorded the video clip of the contestant’s work, which can be accessed on the YouTube and Facebook profiles of the Florida AHS.

On the Pista Cubana website you can consult Okuba’s profile where updated information on the group is provided and those interested in supporting them and participating in the voting can do so by sending an SMS to number 8888 with the text: Cviva157571.

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