Miguel Barrueto Arce: Culture based on Three (+ Multimedia)

Florida, Oct 20.- When the History of Culture in Florida is written, there is a name that cannot be missed, Miguel Barrueto Arce, a simple man, jaranero, composer and who has made it clear that Tres is more than a musical instrument. symbol.

Barrueto is one of those exceptional musicians with extraordinary versatility for the harmonies of the Son as well as the bolero or contemporary sounds that give the compositions freshness and mastery of him.

The “luxury tresero”, as they identify him in Florida, can be seen the same at the Casa de la Trova in the town where he frequently appears, or at any activity organized by the House of Culture or simply downloading at any space in which you can bring your Art to the people.

Illustrious Son of Florida, National Living Memory Award, for Barrueto Florida has always been a source of inspiration and being close to her and his people fills him with positive energy when composing.

The artistic career of this quintessential tres player has been plagued with presentations, tours, recordings, transit and permanence in different musical groups in the country, especially in “Serenata de Florida” where he remained until 1985.

Barrueto’s last group as an active professional musician in 2000 was named Barrueto and his boys, until in 2010 he retired as a musician but not retired, because at 78 years of age he continues to rip melodies from his faithful companion: Tres .

Miguel Barrueto Arce is a tireless defender of Florida music and culture, and of course, Cuban.

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