Agroindustrial sugar company Argentina gets ready for upcoming sugar harvest

Florida, Oct 26.- The Argentine Agroindustrial Sugar Company of the municipality of Florida intends to send a little more than 86,700 tons of cane to the tippers of the province for the next harvest, distributed in 10 productive entities linked to the system.

With an average yield of 37.8 tons per hectare, the agricultural part of the recently launched company faces the colossal challenge, if it wants to meet the agreed figure: take advantage of each piece of raw material in the cane fields, avoid losses in transfers and in the collection centers, in addition to reducing wasted time and unnecessary expenses for the sake of economic efficiency.

Among the units with the highest volumes of grass expected to be sent from the agricultural units linked to Argentina to the mills of the Panama and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes power plants, the agricultural production cooperatives (CPA) Frank País García, Abel Santamaría Cuadrado stand out in descending order. and the Mártires de Granada, together with the basic cooperative production units (UBPC) Mártires de Barbados, and El Oronte.

However, the highest yields per hectare in sugarcane farms in northern Florida are provided by UBPC Las Mirtinas with 44.4 tons, and CPA Mártires de Granada itself with 38, both committed to a strategy of planting and cultural attention to the plantations that already reaps results in the growth of the commitment to delivery to the industry.

In the current stage, the service-providing units of the Argentine Sugar Agroindustrial Company, in the municipality of Florida, supervise and support the repair of machinery and the means provided to intervene in the harvest, a fundamental component for the success in complying with the daily cut and shot plan in the upcoming campaign.

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