Florida resident boxer participates in world championship

Florida, Oct 26.- The boxer Yoenlis Feliciano Hernández, representative of the Cuban delegation in the 75 kilogram division in the current World Boxing Championship, based in Belgrade, receives special support from the municipality of Florida.

And it is that the talented boxer and part of his family, natives of the neighboring municipality of Esmeralda, have resided for some time in the La Retacera neighborhood in Florida, as confirmed here from the area of ​​attention to athletes in the Municipal Sector Sports.

Yoenlis Feliciano Hernández is one of the five from Camagüey on the list of 12 boxers who represent Cuba in the World Championship of the discipline that takes place from October 24 in the European city of Belgrade, capital of Serbia.

Also in the municipality of Florida, the fists sport fans are attentive to the development of this international competition, and we already know that in a family home in the Retacera area the expectation will be higher every time the representative of Cuba in the 75 kilogram division.

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