Attention to political and social organizations, a fundamental task of the Communist Party

Florida, Nov 4 – Among the fundamental tasks of the Communist Party of Cuba and its militancy, attention to the rest of the political and mass organizations stands out, with the aim of promoting the political-ideological formation of the new generations and the rest of the the population, guarantee the replacement in the ranks and the continuity of the Cuban social system.

In compliance with this commission, the report to be presented at the Municipal Assembly of the Communist Party in Florida, scheduled for next November 6, highlights the progress in the attention of this vanguard force to the Union of Young Communists (UJC) and to student organizations and youth movements, in order to raise the prominence of all and favor their political-ideological work.

However, and critically, the work summary of the last five years recognizes the deficient participation of the Party and its different levels in the meetings of the Base Committees and the municipal Bureau of the organization in the preparation of the youth cadres, along with the demand to achieve better results in growth with personnel from the ranks of the UJC.

With regard to the Party’s link with the mass organizations in the municipality of Florida, the aforementioned report to be debated in the assembly of local communists defends greater attention for them in search of rescuing the work in the base and strengthening the permanent exchange with the the people, the unity in defense of the conquests of socialism, the revolutionary militancy and the confrontation with the subversive plans of the enemy and social indiscipline.

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