Delegates to the municipal assembly of the Communist Party visit centers of economic interest (+ Post)

Florida, Nov. 6.- The more than 100 delegates who will participate in the municipal balance assembly of the Communist Party of Cuba in Florida participated in a tour in commissions through different production centers and commercial units of the territory with a high impact on the economy and the provision of services to the people, with the purpose of knowing current results and projects for future development in each place.

The tour included the Tomás Rojas Rodríguez Empacadora Base Business Unit, the Sorbitol derivatives plant, different state agricultural markets in the city, the Azumat Various Productions Farm, the Otero Rice Self-Consumption Decade swine unit and the Florida Dairy Combination.

In all the entities visited, efforts were made to search for alternatives to maintain the vitality of the economy, obtain income, improve the quality of care for the people, and reinforce confidence in the potential of socialism.

Palpable examples were found in the Sorbitol plant where a compressor was recovered to obtain industrial and medicinal oxygen, and in the commercialization of agricultural products through the new system of leasing of squares and markets to the productive bases of Florida.

A part of the militants elected to participate in the upcoming Municipal Assembly for the balance of the Party also came to the Las Tusas unit, belonging to the Azumat farm of various productions, destined to the fattening of bulls and the raising of poultry and small livestock. , while the last of the three groups created to the affection greeted the advance in the raising of pigs of dark layer in farms of the own consumption of the rice of Otero.

On behalf of the more than 3,000 members of the Communist Party of Cuba in Florida, and the people of which they are part, the delegates inquired sharply in each place about subjective shortcomings or deficiencies that limit progress in food programs and those that they generate exportable items or substitute imports, they presented ideas and possible solutions on various issues and called for defending the sovereignty of the homeland from any trench, with efficiency, personal dedication and revolutionary commitment in all tasks.

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